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Website Picture_fronpageI would love to work with your university students!  Using the book which I wrote, Choose to Stay or Choose to Go, I  expose them to the hidden rules which managers use to determine who gets promoted and who hits the door. 

Exposing students early on, will give them the competitive edge in the workplace which translate to gainful and upward employment.   A college degree may get your graduates in the door; but,the degree isn’t enough to keep them inside the door!  To thrive in the workplace, they have to communicate well and work well with others.

As a certified executive leadership coach and owner of Styling Your Life Solutions™, a professional leadership development company, I hear the comments employers are making about today’s workforce. They aren’t happy!  Most managers don’t have the guts to provide honest feedback.  Consequently, the majority of employees never really know if they are making or not making the mark.

                                    Managers and human resource professionals are struggling to find and retain employees who show up well in the workplace. More and More, management is reporting that college graduates don’t possess the necessary communication and interpersonal skills to remain gainfully employed! 

Booking me to interactively talk with your college students will expose them to what managers are saying and thinking! 

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