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Executive Leadership Coaching

Sherri Davis-Garner, Certified Executive Leadership Coach (PCC) uses proven methodologies to help leaders  develop a self-awareness, discover blind spots and improve their leadership.  She works with leaders to lead with confidence so that their next-level leadership is achieved.

Leadership Style Assessment
Once you understand how you think and how others on your team think, improved performance and sound business results are a reality! Ms. Sherri Davis-Garner builds teams using the HBDI (Hermann Brain Dominant Instrument)  instrument. During the training session, Ms. Davis-Garner  opens a world of reality to how people think, how people work and how people communicate.  HBDI is used by 97% of Fortune 100 companies and have experienced improved performance results.

Strategic Planning

You have to have the right strategy to get where you’re going!  Our team works organizations to achieve the perfect balance with having the right execution of strategy and the right people to execute the strategy. We have the right conversations to produce realistic and futuristic results!

Customer Service Training
When you ignore your customers, your customers ignore you!  Our training is tailored for your company where everything from case studies to  training content is designed for your company’s special needs.  Good service goes a long way so your business can go to the next level!

Management Training
There is an art to having difficult conversations!  Our training teaches managers how to master the art of having difficult conversations, as opposed to avoiding them.  Leaders leave more comfortable to tackle uncomfortable issues!


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