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New Book Release: Choose to Stay or Choose to Go

The Unedited Truth:

What It Really Takes To Excel and Break Through The Glass Ceiling!

 by: Sherri Davis-Garner, MA, Professional Coaching Certification (PCC)



Overview: Choose to Stay or Choose to Go offers a compelling truth of what it REALLY takes to break through the glass ceilings of companies!  This is a must-read to understand how managers make decisions on who gets promoted and who never does.

Sherri Davis-Garner, certified executive leadership coach expertly reveals the unspoken and unwritten rules which can determine your career.  She unveils how managers think and what they value.  She brilliantly provides an inside track of how management thinks, but seldom reveals.  Her smart solution strategies brilliantly provide an inside track on why some careers progress, while others do not!

In Choose to Stay or Choose to Go, Ms. Davis-Garner uncovers and decodes what is seldom, if ever, taught at universities and colleges.  She exposes what is never published in human resource manuals or shared by managers during performance reviews. Reading this book, exposes the importance of being liked by managers and colleagues, how to navigate office politics, how to manage your manager’s ego and even how being social is linked to promotions and firings.

You’ve got to read the secrets that most company managers never want exposed!

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