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  • Introverts Can Win At Relationship Building

    Posted on May 28, 2017 by Sherri Davis-Garner

    Relationship building is one of my favorite topics to discuss.  In your career, you have to understand the importance of why relationship building is important and how to build solid relationships.  One of my favorite sayings is:  When people like you, you’re far more likely to experience promotions, special assignments and sometimes, a bigger paycheck.

    There are all types of people.  Some people are extroverted, outgoing and talkative and others are introverted, quiet and not outgoing.  Here are some Smart Solutions Strategies™ for those who are introverted.

    First Smart Solution:  It’s a known fact that extroverts love to socialize and engage in conversation.  Engaging with people increases job security.  If you are an introvert, find opportunities where extroverts are already talking and join in.  Usually introverts are great listeners.  Good listeners tend to pick up on details which talkers miss.  Find opportunities in the conversation where you can add value.  Studies show people can’t remember most of what is spoken; however, they can remember key points.  If you are an introvert, create opportunities to make memorable points.

    Second Smart Solution:  Know how to talk about your achievements. Introverts are great at talking about what they have accomplished.  Introverts tend not to discuss their accomplishments.  In the world of work when people don’t know what you’ve accomplished, you become irrelevant and sometimes minimized. Use phrases like:  “I thought you would be interested in knowing…”; “I’m excited about…”, or “I’ve generated a report which highlights…”  You have to find points and ways to talk about your successes.  Attending a meeting and not contributing can be stifling to your career. Speak up and find ways to interject yourself into conversations to highlight your accomplishments.

    Third Smart Solution: Use technology as your friend, but don’t hide behind it.  I love email because it allows me to quickly say what I need to say.  If you are introverted, find opportunities to use email uniquely.  Unearth opportunities to share a great article, a cool photo or a profound quote.  These are occasions to humanize you, as well as engage yourself with others without using a lot of energy.

    In Review:  If you are an introvert, unearth opportunities where extroverts are having conversations and join in. Don’t discount small talk.  Find opportunities to talk about your work or career successes by using key phrases such as:  “I thought you would be interested in knowing…”; “I’m excited about…”, or “I’ve generated a report which highlights…”  Lastly, via email, pinpoint opportunities to share a great article, a cool photo or a profound quote.  These occasional contacts communicate connection and reveal a piece of you.

    You don’t have to be loud!  You don’t have to talk incisively.  Be yourself and find occasions to interject and show up in conversations.

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  2. William says:

    No one is 100% introvert, 100% eteravxrt. Many of us are ambiverts. But for the most part we lean one way or the other. I really love this line Deb It’s definitely true because people will always feel both need to be alone and be with others. Like you, I’m an introvert and I’m perfectly happy doing many things by myself. And this is the reason why I feel really fulfilled as a home-based/online worker.Shelon recently posted..

  3. Introverts and inexperienced networkers often apologize when asking for an individual’s help because they see networking as an imposition, not as an exercise in relationship building, says Sarikas.

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